We deal with mining of the most popular and rapidly developing cryptocurrency in the world called Bitcoin. Also, we realize the mined coins on cryptocurrency stock exchanges. Our clients invest in our in-depth worked out tariff plans and our specialists use their funds for mining and selling the got cryptocurrency providing income.

What is the main company’s activity?

Every adult person can invest regardless of nationality, location, etc.

Who can become your investor?

For this, you need to get registered on the site, chose one of the suggested tariff plans and make your first deposit.

What is needed to start investing?

All the investment processes are conducted in Bitcoin.

In what currency can I deposit?

A user can have the only one account. Site administration has a right to block any additional account with all the money on a balance.

How many accounts can I have?

In order to get the VIP status, your direct referrals have to make a total deposit equal to not less than 1 BTC.

How to get the VIP status?

You can deposit absolutely any amount ranging from 0.01 BTC to 100 BTC.

What is the deposit amount?

Instant withdraw is not required. You can reinvest your income in a new tariff plan.

Can I reinvest my income?

Create your investments by getting income from participating in referral and representative programs.

Can I invest without a deposit?

Investment risks always exist. Our specialists constantly monitor market trends, analyze currency rates and forecast their changes in order to minimize the risks and receive the maximal trade income.

Is there a risk of money loss?

On the site are available three different tariff plans which vary by payback periods and investment terms. However, each of them means having a guaranteed investment income rate equal to 220% of the deposited amount. You can use several plans at a time.

How many tariff plans can I have?

You can withdraw absolutely any amount beginning with 0.001 BTC.

What amount can I withdraw at a time?

On the site is an automatic withdrawal type which is released by a request.

What is the withdrawn type on the site?

Contact our support service. Our specialists will do their best in order to solve your problem as soon as it is possible.

What if money doesn’t get to my e-wallet for a long time?

The money will have been sent to your e-wallet during the whole investment period.

In how much time money will get my e-wallet?

There are no daily withdrawal limits.

How many times a day can I withdraw money?

Yes, on the site is available a special three-level referral program: 5% 2% 1% of every new investor’s deposit. Also, having got the VIP-status. Under this VIP-program, you will be provided by a passive income equal to 12% of the deposits of your direct referrals and also 2% of deposits of the second system’s level — those who had been invited by your users, and you receive 1% of the third level’s referrals.

Do you have a referral program?

Every registered user can take part.

Who can participate in the referral program?

Every user gets the only one referral link. Also, it can’t be changed.

How many links can I have?

Yes, you can regularly withdraw your referral income or use it to create investments.

Can I withdraw referral income?

Referral link is given to every user, but sharing it is not required.

Is taking part in the referral the program required?